Best Wine for Your Health in 2020, Prosecco

Best Wine for Your Health in 2022, Prosecco

Prosecco is an Italian DOCG or DOC white wine that is produced in a large area spanning nine provinces in the Friuli Venezia Giulia or Veneto regions, and named after the village of Prosecco. It is made primarily with Glera grapes. It is produced using an affordable method called the “Tank Method.” It is a good wine for health as it contains antioxidants which are good for blood flow. Prosecco helps to strengthen blood vessels and prevent blood clots and hence it is the best wine for your health in 2022, Prosecco to drink. And, although it might have seen that drinking one to three glasses of Prosecco a week could be very good for your memory.

How much is the calories in a bottle of Prosecco?

The calories is around 80 a glass, typically. It is stated as one of the more diet friendly alcoholic drinks and considered best wine for health as it contains far fewer calories than a large glass of wine which is around 228 calories or single vodka and tonic which is around 97 calories. The top selling Prosecco brand is I Heart and Floralba.

Prosecco Nutrition value

The nutrition value in 100 ml of Prosecco is 2g of carbs, fat value is 0g and Protein is 0g and calories in prosecco bottle 750ml is 500, with carbs 15g, fat is 0g and protein value: 1g 500.

What Makes Prosecco the Best Wine for Ladies Skin?

This wine always brings great new for your skin. Studies have proven time and time again that it detoxifies evens, smoothen and pumps your skin and it is particularly extremely beneficial for those who suffer from oily skin or people who have to deal with breakouts on a regular basis.

Prosecco Sparkling Wine Tasting

Prosecco taste is like vibrant, light bodied, fresh and highly aromatic. It has medium to high amount of large and acidity, frothy bubbles. Its essence flavors typically include apple, peach, melon, honeysuckle and pear. And secondary flavors can include hazelnut, cream and tropical fruits. Many people mistakes its fruity characteristics for sweetness or is a dry white wine.

So there three different sweetness levels:

Brut: It has almost 0-12 grams of residual sugar per litre
Extra-Dry: It has 12-17 grams of residual sugar per litre
Dry: It has 17-32 grams of residual sugar per litre.

This can be little confusing because it is opposite in Prosecco’s case as compared to other because bottle labeled “Brut” will be the driest one whereas “Dry” will be the sweetest and “Extra Dry” will be somewhere in between. Prosecco is the best white wine for cooking due to its dry features depending upon which Prosecco you opt. Good brut Prosecco works quite well in either an Alfredo sauce or a tomato based sauce. Due to its various properties in taste it is the most popular white wine for wedding.

Prosecco Food Pairing

This wine will go deliciously well with stuffed mushrooms, almonds, creamy sauces, fried fare and also considered best wine to go with seafood, spicy Asian entrees, and even potato chips or buttered popcorn. This is very forgiving, food-friendly sparkling wine option.

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