Most Famous Red Wine Of 2020, Merlot With Food And Wine Pairing

Most Famous Red Wine Of 2022, Merlot With Food And Wine Pairing

Merlot is one of the popular red wine types and America’s second favorite wine after Cabernet Sauvignon. It is known for its sensual types, soft and approachable style as it is made from red skinned grapes that can easily adapt to climates hence producing food friendly wines that is why it is considered the Most Famous Red Wine Of 2021, Merlot. This wine is good for everyone, which is why Merlot is adored and best selling wine. This is the best red wine for anti inflammatory diet because many doctors recommend wine as the beneficial component. Chronic inflammation lead to muscle loss as you age that is why this is good dry red wine for drinking.

Calories In Red Wine Bottle 750ml Of Merlot

By considering merlot calories by the bottle it has 25.5 ounces i.e. 750 milliliters in the average bottle of wine. Since one ounce of the red wine has about 25 calories and full of wine contains approx 635 calories and the wine nutrition in 520 KJ is 6mg of Sodium, total carbohydrate is 3.7g, dietary fiber is 0g and sugar 0.9g.

Is Merlot A Best Wine To Drink For Health?

Merlot is the healthy wine to drink because it is the best dry red wine for drinking as it is considered the healthiest type of wine as they have high level of resveratrol which will keep your heart healthy. Below are the benefits of health that you get after drinking Merlot

1) Best red wine to Lower cholesterol
2) Considered to be the best wine for heart health
3) Red wine with highest antioxidants
4) Best Wine for type 2 diabetes
5) It will reduces the risk of cancer
6) Red wine good for brain
7) Low fat red wine

Merlot Aromas And Merlot Taste

The classic aroma of Merlot pops the nose with cherry and cocoa. This wine’s aroma is like warm baking spices just as vanilla and clove along with the earthy undertones of the tobacco leaves, smoke arena, wet earth can also make their aromatic mark on Merlot. This is the famous French wine because the word derives from “the little blackbird” because the word Merlot is French.

Merlot Wine Taste

Merlot is known as just like chameleon because it can adapts to many climates, that too taking on both characteristics which is its location and winemaking techniques. These common grape varieties of great Merlot is not as easy to grow as generally people thought, by leading to overplanting results into abundance of poor quality wines. The merlot flavor has a wide range of varieties, i.e. from graphite, Wine flavoured with herbs, and blackberries, to black cherries, cocoa, and plums, often layered with notes of vanilla, clove, and cedar when aged in oak.

Wine Food Pairing Of Merlot

You can enjoy Merlot pairs with light meats and well with chicken as well as lightly spices dark meats. You can take merlot food pairing with wide variety of dishes, like roasted vegetables can go well with cooler climate Merlot. Below are the famous dishes that will really go well with Merlot

1) Roast beef wine pairing and filet mignon
2) Delicious combination with this best wine with blue cheese, Gorgonzola, Cheddar cheese
3) With Fresh Fruits and Berries, and particularly red fruit sauces
4) Taste would be better with this good wine with pork , especially roast pork and pork Ioin
5) Wine and lamb would be the best food pairs.

Grapevine Merlot Price

The average price for wine is range from $3 to $15.66 and by exceeding the most expensive Merlot i.e. a very good bottle of wine that is with 4.0 rating costs $32.48 on average and even better wines that becomes more expensive of cost $528.28 with 4.8 rating.

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