St Emilion Vineyards Wine

St Emilion Vineyards Wine of 2022

Saint-Emilion is a wine town in Libournais district of Bordeaux, i.e. important in terms of both quantity and quality. It is situated just a few miles north of the Dordogne, in the final stages of river’s journey from hills of the Massif Central to Gironde estuary. Saint Emilion town is renowned as much for its scenery and beautiful buildings as for its wine. Its narrow, steep, cobbled streets, overlooked by its Romanesque church and iconic 13th centuary are a reminder of the town’s long history.

Average Journey Time to st emilion from Bordeaux

The average journey time between Bordeaux and St-Emilion is 34 minutes by train. Journey time may be longer on holidays as well as on weekends. By reaching there you will get to know that this region produces one of the famous red wines on the planet. You can look for the sculptures adorning the bottom of the houses. You can easily find out the bunch of grapes and they are just one of the many references to Saint Emilion’s long wine making heritage that you will find throughout the village.

It is the variety of wine that will make you zero in on the fattiest, savory item on the menu, so you can order it with giddy anticipation.

Forbidden Fruit

In 1936, certain grapes were no longer grown as during the past era’s climate grapes did not ripen in 1936. Some of these grape varieties includes Sauvignonasse, Macins, Castets, Cheval Blanc, Ausone, Pavie among others. Owner of the unique Chateau Cazebonne in Bordeaux’s Graves region, Jean Baptist Duquesne is giving new life to forgotten grapes. You can taste most of the original flavors of the region i.e. once forbidden to use in Bordeaux wine.

Only Best red wine for heart health qualifies for the appellation; good dry white wine is made within the appellation borders, but it must be labeled as Bordeaux Blanc.

Wines that focus heavily on Cabernet Sauvignon, unlike the wines of the Medoc, Saint Emilion wines are mainly made from Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The other traditional Bordeaux varieties are Carmenere, Malbec and Petit Verdot that are permitted for use here, but are rarely used to any significant extent.

Best Soil for Wine Grapes

The chalk and clay rich soils around Saint Emilion are generally cooler than those on the Medoc peninsula, and capability of ripening Cabernet Sauvignon is very less. Two thirds of vines planted around Saint Emilion is made from Merlot and increases in popularity because of the softer and more wine styles it produces.

Grape Tannin

The prevalence of Merlot in Saint Emilion means there wines are approachable at an early age than their more astringent, and tannin rich cousins from Medoc. This is a key factor in terms of their popularity and appeal in markets all around the world.

Vineyard Wine Areas

Saint Emilion are divided into three main vineyard areas and the most significant is the limestone plateau where Saint Emilion town is located surrounded by slopes. Most of the top chateaux and vineyards are located here, within a mile of the town.

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