Top White Burgundy Wine Of 2020, Chardonnay

Top White Burgundy Wine Of 2022, Chardonnay

Chardonnay is grown in almost every country which is wine producing in the world i.e. in the burgundy wine region where ubiquitous grape are grown that creates widely varied wines with rich and powerful, with complex good fruity flavors and the notes if earth’s essence wine and minerals and because Chardonnay was born in the Burgundy region of France and now to be considered as Top White Burgundy Wine Of 2022, Chardonnay that gained great acclaim for its elegance and come under list of best selling wines . It is fully organic, but also very biodynamic in nature, this is best Burgundy vintages wine that means it spends more time ageing in the cellars before it is out for releasing process.

The good chardonnay for cooking features depends upon warm climate and most warm climate regions fall within the new world. The warm climate Chardonnay typically has less acidity i.e. are usually fuller bodied with higher alcohol.

Calories In A Bottle Of Chardonnay

The calories in a large glass of white wine, chardonnay is around 200, whereas in a medium is around 140 and calories in small glass of white wine chardonnay is around 100 so the average number of calories in a bottle of wine is around 600. The interesting fact about calories in wine is that we can digest them differently than food so basically our body prioritizes alcohol calories first before addressing the other calories like sugar,carbs and fat etc.

Chardonnay nutrition

The Sparkling wine nutrition in 502KJ is 3.8g of total carbohydrates in chardonnay wine, with Dietary Fiber of 0g, protein value is 0.5g and alcohol content is 14.7g and chardonnay is recommended to be best white wine for keto diet, as limit carb intake to around 30g per day.

Is Chardonnay is Best Wine For Good Health?

Chardonnay includes same flavonoids and antioxidants that have been made red wine famous, but in some studies it is shown to be as just effective as red wine that is why considered to be the best wine for your health. The antioxidants and flavonoids is been credited with everything from reducing the risk of cancer and to fight against heart disease, so due to its wonderful properties make it the best wine for heart health.

Chardonnay Flavor

The burgundy wine flavor of Chardonnay depends upon where it grows and how it is made. Chardonnay is fully bodied wine with the moderate acidity and alcohol, but typically good dry white wine for cooking as it balances the acidity of delectable dishes such as gravy or a cream sauce pasta, while also bring rich flavors into it. Its flavors range from lemon to papaya, pineapple and apple and it also shows the notes of vanilla when it aged with oak and hence it is best oaked white wines.

Chardonnay White Wine Aromas

The aroma of Chardonnay is very delicate, distinct, difficult to characterize, and easier to recognize. It often smells like lemons, peaches, apples or tropical fruits. Due to its delicacy in nature even a small percentage of another varietal blended into Chardonnay will sometimes completely dominates its flavor and aroma.

Chardonnay Food Pairing

They are perfect with delicate food and light such as raw and cooked lightly shellfish like crab and prawns, go really well with chardonnay wine with fish that is being steamed or grilled. Below are the delicious dishes names that can go really well with this most popular white wine

1) Best wine with chicken
2) The chardonnay pairing will go with delicious snacks that includes almonds, asiago cheese, yellow squash, shrimp and mangoes.

Oaked Chardonnay Food Pairing

Most of the bolder Chardonnay wines call for halibut, crab cakes, linguini vongole (clams), or even pork tenderloin with apples, and for vegetarians it leans towards rich or starchy vegetables like pumpkin, squash or corn. Also pair would go delicious with mushrooms i.e. must for any good occasion.

Oaked Chardonnays are full bodied, rich and often have additional oak aged flavors of baking spices, vanilla or butter. Flavors ranges from tropical essence like mango or pineapple that flourished in warm climate regions, to leaner, green apple and citrus in cooler climates.

Unoaked Chardonnay Food Pairing

The lean, no oak style of Chardonnay are great with raw sea foods like sushi, oysters, sautéed fish, Chicken Piccata, pate, vegetable risotto, or moules frites! The crispness, delicate flavors and minerality always crave crisp and delicate foods.

The Flavor ranges from green apple and citrus, to overripe peach and canned pineapple.  The unoaked chardonnays are not what you might expect. The taste and some flavor is similar to zippy styles of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, but without “green” flavors.

Chardonnay Appetizer Pairing

The bright, crisp and juicy chardonnay style will go with shrimp baked with herbs green pea hummus with pita chip seafood terrine that too with toast points creamy shrimp dip. And with vegetables and legumes like green peas, white beans, zucchini edamame.

Difference between Oaked and Non Oaky Chardonnay

Oaked Chardonnay is aged in new oak barrels, while unoaked chardonnay is not. When chardonnay spends time in oak barrels instead of plastic tanks or steel, the oak imparts flavors into the wine that resemble caramel, vanilla and butter.

Chardonnay Average Cost Of A Bottle Of Wine

The average bottle of wine cost ranges from $15.66 that is with 3.6 rating while a very good bottle of wine costs $32.48 with 4.0 rating on an average.

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